Cattle Oilers

Livestock Oiler-Scratcher

Designed and developed to overcome all previous problems in the application of insecticide oils to livestock for the control of lice, mites, grubs, flies and horn flies.

The Rol-Oyl Story

In 1959, the United States cattle industry lost over $800 million because of insects! Effective insecticides were available and ready for use, but there was no way to effectively administer the insecticide to the cattle for continuous protection.

A survey was conducted among livestock producers to find out what features they wanted in a livestock oiler. Overwhelmingly, these producers asked for an oiler that would stand up to heavy use by all kinds of livestock, that would allow the livestock to evenly distribute the chemical, and that would require minimal labor. Each feature, each problem area was thoroughly researched and tested. In 1960, after one year of intensive testing, re-testing and proving, the Rol-Oyl Oiler was perfected according to specifications defined by the leading livestock producers in the country.

Rol-Oyl Brahma

Now the best design change in decades!
Frames are now twice as heavy as they used to be and are galvanized too!!!

Portable 17-gallon supply tank with 20' aluminum fuel-feed system has no moving parts. Accommodates livestock of all sizes, including hogs. Oils back, neck, belly, brisket, head and face. Proven to be the most effective for control of face fly.

Guaranteed indestructible by livestock for 5 years of normal use.*

Weight: 430 lbs.

Brahma Oiler
Brahma Oiler with Brush

FOB Howard Lake, MN 

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Cattle Brush Oilers